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Organic industrial chemicals

Organic industrial chemicals

Organic industrial chemicals refer to a variety of products made from crude oil and shale oil in recent years, made from polysaccharides such as animal, vegetable and grain oils etc. and derived through fermentation. It is a common name for compounds mainly containing the elements of carbon and hydrogen.

Many derivatives have been developed and manufactured from the above-mentioned raw materials and there are products in a wide range of fields from relatively simple products such as solvents, etc., to pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals, dyes, adhesives and various resins such as vinyl chloride.

In recent years, we have attached greater importance to environmental issues and developed products that are user and environmentally friendly.

Company features

  1. Provision of products according to customer requirements
  2. Proposal and provision of combination parts complying to customer requirements
  3. Proposal and provision of detergents complying to customer requirements
  4. Provision of products with weights according to customer requirements (subdivision)

Main uses

  1. Raw materials and solvents for the production of chemicals and chemical reagent.
  2. Raw materials and solvents for the production of paints, inks, rubbers and resins.
  3. Raw materials and solvents of the production of pharmaceuticals and intermediates.
  4. Detergents and diluent.

Main product lineup

AcetonChloroformStyrene monomerMethyl isobutyl ketone
Isobutyl alcoholAcetic acidTetrahydrofuranMethyl ethyl ketone
Isopropyl alcoholIsobutyl acetateTrihydroxy triethylamineMethylcyclohexane
Iso-hexaneIsopropyl acetateTrichloroethyleneMethylene chloride
Ethyl alcoholEthyl acetateTolueneDTBP
Ethanolic formulationSodium acetateLactic acidiso-Paraffin
Ethyl etherNormal butyl acetaten-Propyl alcoholn-Paraffin
Ethyl cellosolveDiethanolamineHexanePGM
Ethylene glycolDiethylene glycolButhyl alcoholPGM-AC
Formic acidCyclohexanoneEthylene glycol monobutyl etherTBPB
XylolCyclohexanePropylene glycol…etc.
Citric acidOxalic acidBenzyl alcohol
Sodium citrateCeric ammonium nitratePolyethylene glycol


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