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Waste water treatment chemicals

Waste water treatment chemicals

Waste water treatment chemicals are chemicals used in agglomerating and removing micro-particles floating in public sewage treatment plants, removing and detoxifying toxic substances contained in industrial waste water from factories, and adjusting the pH level so that waste water can be discharged safely into public water areas.

Furthermore, anti-foaming agents to suppress the generation of bubbles due to airflow in biological treatment and bulking prevention agent to prevent the generation of large clumps of matter are also necessary.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment and living things, stringent rules on waste water treatment have been imposed.

Company features

  1. We can propose not only effective water treatment chemicals but also appropriate treatment methods.
  2. We  can propose not only water treatment chemicals but also treatment equipment and facilities.
  3. We can propose suitable concentration of chemicals to be handled.

Main product lineup

Aluminium chlorideActivated carbonBulking agentAluminum sulfate
Ferrous chloridePolymer flocculantPolyaluminum chloride…etc.
Ferric chlorideAntifoamPoly iron sulfate 


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