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High Pressure Gas

High Pressure Gas

High pressure gases are classified into compressed gases which are gas at normal temperature and pressure and are filled in gaseous condition, and liquefied gases which are produced by cooling and liquefying gases.
The production and handling methods of both gases are regulated by High Pressure Gas Safety Law. We can propose and supply suitable volume of bumb for our customers.

Products handled by our company

Liquefied chloride: Reactive materials (manufacture of chlorides etc.), Sterilization.
Liquefied nitrogen: Manufacture of frozen foods, inert gas, reactive raw materials (manufacture of nitrides etc.)
Liquefied ammonia: Reactive raw materials (manufacture of nitrides etc.), refrigerants etc, Metal heat treatment.
Liquefied oxygen: Increase combustion temperature during welding etc., medical uses, etc.
Hydrogen gas: Reactive raw materials (hydrogenated oil, ammonia, etc.)
Carbon dioxide gas: Inert gases (welding, extinguishing agent, etc.), manufacture of carbonated drinks, plant fertilizers, supercritical gas extraction etc.


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