Product Guide

Inorganic industrial chemicals


Inorganic industrial chemicals are mainly acids such as Hydrosulfuric acid, Hydrochrolic acid and Hydronitric acid etc… alkalis such as Caustic Soda, Caustic potash etc… and salts derived from the neutralization various acids and alkalis.

These are served as raw materials and produced in large quantities in a wide variety of fields.
They are also serve as raw materials and treating agents that are indispensable in the field of specialty chemicals such as highly functional resins and pharmaceutical products etc…

As a chemicals trading company, we supply inorganic industrial chemicals of a quality that satisfies customer requirements and also undertake processing work for chemicals.

Company features

We provide followings by making use of our related companies.

  1. Products with weights according to customer requirements (subdivision)
  2. Products with concentrations according to customer requirements (dilution)
  3. Provision of chemicals according to customer requirements (compounding and combination)
  4. Provision of chemicals according to customer requirements (compounding and combination)

Main uses

  1. Surface treatment of steel and metal processed products.
  2. Raw materials of chemical and pharmaceutical goods.
  3. Raw materials of natural and chemical textile goods.
  4. Cleaning and sterilization in the food factories.
  5. Waste water treatment of industrial waste waters discharged from private factories and public waterworks and sewage treatment plants etc.

Main goods to be dealt

Sodium nitrite Sodium hydroxide Sodium bicarbonate Carbamide
Sodium sulfite Sodium percarbonat Nitric acid Hydrofluoric acid
Water ammonia Calcium oxide Potassium nitrate Sodium sulfate
Zinc chloride Sodium silicate Sodium nitrate Poly iron sulfate
Ammonium chloride Sodium silicofluoride Calcium hydroxide Chromic anhydride
Potassium muriate Titanium oxide Magnesium hydroxide Sodium metasilicate
Calcium chloride Sodium hypochlorite Soda ash Pottasium lodide
Ferrous chloride Potassium cyanate Ammonium carbonate Sulfuric acid
Ferric chloride Sodium bisulfite Potassium carbonate Ferrous sulfate
Magnesium chloride Potassium dichromate Magnesium carbonate Nickel sulfate
Hydrochloric acid Sodium bichromate Sodium subsulfite Magnesium sulfate
Hydrogen peroxide Oxalic acid Sodium tripolyphosphate Phosphoric acid
Potassium hydroxide Ammonium bicarbonate Manganese dioxide …etc.


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