Plivacy Policy

Private information protection policy

Where the importance of personal information and protection of privacy of our guests is concerned, Kyoei tsusho Co., Ltd. (hereafter ‘The Company’) observes the law dealing with personal information and sets out rules for the proper handling and protection of such information in accordance with the following principles:

Controll of Personal information

To prevent loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information, unauthorized access or other wrongful acts, we are conducting thorough employee training and improving our company administration system to protect such information under an appropriate system.

The purpose of use of personal information

The personal information received from our customers are used only to send E-mail and documents as communication, job information and reply to inquiries.

Prohibition of the provision and disclosure of personal information to third parties

We shall not disclosew any personal information we acquired to any third party except any following cases.  

  • When customer accept the provision of such information, 
  • When it is necessary to show personal information to vendors which we ask the job for our customers,
  • When the provision of such information is required for performance of any duties by the police, prosecutor’s office or court under the provision of the law, or
  • When it is necessary to show in accordance with the law.

Safety measure of personal information

We take appropriate measures to keep correctmess and security of personal information.

Inquiriy by principal

When the principal requests inquiry, correction or deletion, we take necessary measures after confirming that he is the principal.

Compliance and review of law and rules

Regarding the personal information, we will comply with Japanese law and other rules and improve the policy by reviewing it appropriately.


Regarding the handling of personal information, please ask us by our contact form.