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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Power of restoration to enrich nature and people.

As a player in the chemical industry, we have always believed that consideration for the environmental is paramount.

For example, in our efforts to realize a recycling-based society, we propose and develop environmentally-friendly and recyclable products without being held captive by convenience and cost performance alone.

Regarding the products that simply cannot be recycled, our well-experienced staff can provide intermediary services for the treatment of industrial waste that can reduce the impact on the environment and provide appropriate waste treatment services in collaboration with partner companies which have cleared our company’s stringent criteria which comes from our obtained licenses for the collection and transport of industrial waste and specially-controlled industrial waste making use of their professional knowledge in handling chemicals.

We sincerely listen to the views of the customer and contribute to local communities and global environmental conservation.This consistent approach has also been our corporate stance for over half a century,

Power of restoration to enrich nature and people.


Proposal of recyclable products

We aim to make effective use of resources in consideration of the global environment by proposing and developing environmentally-friendly and recyclable products instead of just products superior in convenience and cost performance.

Recycling of waste in the factory

Waste liquids generated by washing processes are separated and processed into pollution substances and resources for re-supply.


Acceptance of unwanted chemicals

Making use of our specialist knowledge in the handling of chemicals, we offer intermediary services for the acceptance and treatment of substances of unknown origins discovered during house moving or demolition of buildings, and unwanted reagents and chemicals generated by research and development and production processes.

Processing agency for industrial waste

We provide integrated support from the delivery of products until the collection of industrial waste. In the treatment of industrial waste, we offer appropriate treatment services by subcontracting the work to partners who have cleared the company’s stringent standards.