Corporate Profile

Company profile

Company nameKyoei Tsusho Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentJune 10, 1969
Capital20,000,000 yen
RepresentativeRepresentative Director & President Naoya Fukutani
No. of employees20 (12 male / 8 female)
Address, Contact〒675-0045
100-1, Kishi, Nishikanki-cho, Kakogawa-shi, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Wholesale of industrial chemicals
  • Import sales of industrial chemicals
  • Research and development as well as manufacture of chemicals
  • Manufacturing and sales of caustic soda
  • Sales of composite resins and their molded products
  • Sales and installation of various industrial equipment
  • Sales of high pressure gas
  • Collection and transport of industrial waste
  • Intermediary for the treatment of industrial waste
  • Others, all other work ancillary to the above
Transacting banks
  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Kakogawa Branch
  • Tanyo Shinkin Bank, Takasago Branch
  • Tokushima Bank, Ishii Branch



June,1969Established as Kyoei Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. with a capital of 600,000 yen for the purpose of selling reagents and industrial chemicals in Futami-cho, Akashi-shi.
October,1970Relocated to 92-35, Kishi, NishiKanki-cho Kakogawa-shi. Capital increased to 1,000,000 yen at the same time.
April,1975Capital increased to 5,000,000 yen.
June,1975Obtained license for the collection and transport of industrial waste.
December,1978Obtained sales license for high pressure gas.
April,1984Tokushima Office established at 1068-4, Aihata, Ishii-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima Prefecture.
July,1989New company building constructed and main office relocated to 100-1, Kishi, NishiKanki-cho, Kakogawa-shi.
March,1991Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen.
July,1991Company name changed to Kyoei Tsusho Co., Ltd and company organization changed.
December,1995Shipping base for caustic soda established at Ikeda, Onoe-cho, Kakogawa-shi.
February,1997Obtained license for the manufacturing of poisonous and deleterious substances and production of caustic soda started.
August,2002Obtained sales license for alcohol.
June,2007Obtained general construction work permit.
January,2009New company building constructed and Tokushima Office relocated to 1356-12, Kizu, Muya-cho, Naruto-shi, Tokushima Prefecture inside the Naruto Softnomics Park.
October,2010Obtained import license for poisonous and deleterious substances.
February,2013Obtained used goods license.
June,2013Capital increased to 20,000,000 yen
June,2013Obtained special construction work permit.
September,2014Naoya Fukutani became president.
June,2016Obtained Ecoaction21 certification for environmental management.
July,2018combined The Tokushima branch with The Head Office.
June,2019Given the Certification of Superior enterprise by Hyogo Association for Safety Of Hazardous Materials.