Corporate Profile


Life is finite, earth is finite, that’s why they are beautiful.
We boldly promote the transformation of our society from a consumption-oriented one to a recycling-oriented one.


It has been more than a decade since the turn of the century…

Our previous consumption-oriented society that was premised on throwing things away is changing in a significant manner.

All resources are finite so we would like to keep the planet green forever.

It is with such a desire in mind that Kyoei Tsusho started its new initiatives.

In order to approach a more creative and more ideal society one step at a time, and to leave behind a beautiful nature that future generations can take pride in, we will contribute to society and the earth through our corporate activities dealing in chemical resources.


Our mission is solely to provide satisfaction to our customers and to contribute to the regional community.

As environmental conditions become more severe, we will strive towards the realization of an ideal recycling-oriented society one step at a time.

We will further promote the effective use of limited chemical resources in order to conserve our beautiful planet.

In line with the shift in focus from material well-being to mental well-being, we will constantly challenge ourselves to play a part in realizing a truly affluent society.

President’s Message

In Japan, although we have built a peaceful and stable society in line with economic growth in 70 years after the war, due to two major disasters in the last 20 years, namely the Great Kobe Earthquake of 1995 and the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, people’s awareness towards safety and even their awareness towards their own private lives have been gradually changing. The era of complete devotion to the economy in the past has ended and as an advanced country, society and individuals have a more mellow sense of values now. To put it in a slightly exaggerated manner amid the flow of globalization, as a member of the league of advanced nations, I feel that the time has come for each and every Japanese to be aware of, and to act like a “world leader”.

Although the word “challenge” has been cited in the company’s concept, the “challenge” that we aim for is never meant to be an impulsive leap. Rather, it is by lending an ear to the views of our customers on a daily basis that we are able to pick up both the small and big things that matter, thereby transforming into a form and providing solutions that are useful to customers. If the customer has a concern or requirement, we will first find out if it is something that we can do, and even if it is in a field that we do not know, we will still take on the challenge without fear. Sometimes it is by thoroughly coordinating and proposing solutions from the position of an intermediary between companies that we are able to earn the trust of customers.

As a company that stays close consistently to the community and one that is well-accepted by local customers, we will strive to create products subtly and boldly at times. As a company that conceptualizes ideas, listens closely to our customers, proposes solutions and take on challenges, we sincerely hope to continue to be of service for many more years to come.

Representative Director Naoya Fukutani